I am starting to think I am bound to be single forever. The best friend/ stuck in the middle single forever. After liking a line of disappointing guys and finding out too late someone once liked me I am so ready to give up.
We're raised on this ridiculous notion (thanks so much Disney) that Prince Charming and happily ever after really do exist. We watch romantic movies and read this fantastic stories where the girls and up with THE guy because in reality it never happens!
I have spent such a long time being the good friend and the go-to for advice girl "you're the type of girl we marry, not date" I have had countless of friendship where the guy falls for my friend.

A few weeks ago I went out on my very first date (yup 20 something and finally went on my first date) only the problem was I went out with "the nice guy" I fell into peer pressure and went out with someone I didn't particularly feel a spark with but everyone told me to give him a chance. So I did and half way through the date I figure out he's of course into my friend and I find out he asked me out to find out if he had a chance and if not maybe I could be rebound and make him get over her grrrrr

Then this past weekend one of my best friends/ crush of 3 years comes back home after graduating college and I realize he's changed and is now a total inconsiderate jerk.
Gah so frustrated and just... DONE right now.


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